Jane Perry

Cariboo Handwoven by Jane PerryCariboo Handwoven produces blankets, towels, and other special textiles from the Cariboo region in central BC. Jane Perry weaves luxurious warm wool blankets, soft and cozy cotton blankets of all sizes, stylish scarves, and cotton towels that last for years and years.

Jane weaves to discover how fibres intersect in new ways. She explores different patterns to discover how her chosen colours interact. Her weaving ranges from classic and earthy to funky and energetic. Jane uses heathery Shetland wools, soft but sturdy cottons, and her own handspun wool and alpaca.

Cariboo Handwoven by Jane PerryJane’s weaving is both art and craft. Users may pause to admire the intricacies of the blanket around them, the detail under their plate, or the interesting towel in their hands. Her products are also very functional and used often, whether it’s a cozy wool blanket, a lighter weight cotton blanket, or a favourite cotton towel.

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